Easy Ways to Identify Branded and Fake Charger

Original chargers from Android and smartphones are not always in good condition. Sometimes the charger that we have is broken or error. So it's likely you will look for a new charger. However, did you know that not all devices are authentic? How easy ways to identify branded and fake new charger?

Don't worry, you can't find an original charger with good quality. Because there are still parties that sell original Android accessories. To be able to choose an original charger, you only need tips and tricks to know the characteristics of a good charger and not. For that, let's see more information in the following description.

1. Don't be fooled by the cheap prices

In the case of buying something, we want cheap items, right? However, in terms of buying a charger, don't be fooled just by looking at the cheap price. Is the price cheap compared to the quality offered? You have to realize that some components in the charger are good for safety, durability, and stability cannot be priced at a cheap price.

2. Differentiate from the original adapter

Apart from price, you should also compare the original charger you previously had with the charger you want to buy. So when going to buy do not forget to bring your original charger. You can see physical similarities and differences with the new charger. You can see the display design, the printed text, the shape and structure of the USB port on the adapter. If the charger is fake you will find a striking difference.

3. Pay attention to the USB cable

Next, don't forget to pay attention to the original USB cable with the fake one. Because not only from the physical condition you can see a striking difference but from the USB cable it has is also very important to note. Fake USB usually has thicker, longer, darker plugs. If the fake USB that you use certainly not only affects when charging but also when connecting a smartphone to a computer.

4. Using the Help application

Another way you can do is to use the help application. What application? Now many applications are designed to calculate the amount of power that goes into your Android or Smartphone.

The above description is a row of practical steps as a trusted method to get an original charger for your cellphone. This will certainly provide good benefits for the continued performance of your device. The points above do not only apply to Android phones or Smartphones but also other devices such as laptops, iPad, tabs and so on. it may be useful.

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