How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode Android

Everyone must already have the Whatsapp name. This famous social media has indeed been used as a substitute for regular SMS and telephone. There are many facilities provided by Wa to facilitate the communication process. One of the newest features on Wa that you can use and enable is Whatsapp dark mode Android that will make the display more attractive.

Today's sophisticated Android also increases user comfort by supporting social networking applications such as WhatsApp. That look alone will certainly bore you. Well, the question is how to use or install Whatsapp dark mode on your Android phone or smartphone? Well, follow the tutorial information below.

A. Download the latest Whatsapp for Android beta

The first thing you need to do is download the latest Wa application or update it. Because the option to activate the dark mode on WhatsApp itself is limited to the beta version of the application. Whatsaap itself has officially launched the beta program in the Play store. Before doing all the processes below, don't forget to back up the files and data in your Whatsapp account.

The more specific steps are as follows:
  1. First, open Google Chrome or Web browser on your Android phone or smartphone.
  2. Next type
  3. Select the Search box in the right corner at the top.
  4. Then select Whatsapp beta and press the "go" option
  5. Next, select the Download button which is next to the Whatsapp Messenger beta list. Please note that in this case, any version above 2.20.14 will work.
  6. Don't forget to select the "Download APK" option to immediately begin the download process.
  7. When the dialog box appears, press "OK" to let Google Chrome download.
  8. When finished select the "Open" option
  9. After that allow Chrome to install the application by tapping the settings section to get started.
  10. Select "Install", then you will immediately install the latest version of Whatsapp beta.

After you finish installing the latest Wa, don't forget to make sure to replace the settings that can make Chrome access unknown applications. After that you can immediately activate the dark mode on Whatsapp by opening the application, open the settings section, select chat, select a theme and choose a theme and select Dark. After this, the display will change to a dark theme.

The description above is complete information about the steps for installing dark mode on your Whatsapp application. Thus, you can have a new look that is different from before. Not too difficult to do right? This is just one of the advanced features of Whatsapp on your mobile. Make sure you can use it well. It may be useful.

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