How to Restart Android without Power Button

Having an Android phone or Smartphone without damage and durability is everyone's dream. However, this is indeed not predictable. One of them is the power button that is often damaged. How to restart or turn on my Android mobile without power button?

Even though one part in an electronic device is broken or an error doesn't mean you have to replace it with a new device right? This may be for those of you who can afford to buy a new mobile phone, but for those who are unable to find alternative tips and tricks, it is the solution. For that, see the tutorial to turn on the HP easily without needing the power button below. Let's see.

1. Plugin another object

The reason the power button is damaged is often only located on the outside. And only the rubber part remains in it. If so, try to use objects that are around you to be able to squeeze the lump inside. For example, you can use a toothpick, matchstick or other types of object that is possible.

2. Connect to a Charger or Power bank

The next way that can be done if the first way is not successful is to connect Android to PC via USB or using Powerbank. When your cellphone is charging, the screen will normally turn on for a moment. Here you can immediately open the lock screen by opening a pattern or swipe.

3. Utilizing PC assistance

If the situation is your cellphone is off, try to use the help from a PC. How to? The PC or laptop that you are using must already have a software called "Minimal ADB and Fastboot" After having it, you can then enter fastboot mode with your Android phone by holding down the volume down button.

Then connect Android with a PC via a USB cable. Open and run the software earlier. The display will look like Command Prompt. To check whether your Android phone is connected or not, try typing the ADB devices then press enter.

then to be able to restart your cell phone simply by typing the command "fastboot reboot" then select enter. At this point, your cell phone will automatically restart back to its initial display.

The above description is brief information that discusses the steps to activate your Android or Smartphone without complicated. Even though your phone's power button may be broken, it won't give you problems or obstacles to be able to use it as usual. Sophisticated Android phones now have a lot of dual functions that can be utilized

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