How To Use Whatsapp Without The Best Phone Number Or Sim This Year

Social Media in the form of whatsapp is one of the media currently needed to establish relationships with family friends or other people.

Whatsaap has spread throughout the world. This illustrates that WhatsApp is currently the only way to build a very good relationship with others. either sahabt friend or someone else.

Currently WhatsApp is widely used. Starting from parents, to millennial generation.

To get a WhatsApp account, you need to have a phone number first and register it in the WhatsApp application.

How To Use Whatsapp Without The Best Phone Number Or Sim

However, is there a way to create a WhatsApp account without a phone number or SIM card?

Curious how to use it?

1- First, make sure we use a device with Windows, Android, iOS and Mac operating systems.
2- Install a cool application called Primo.
3- After downloading and installing the Primo application, to get a new WhatsApp account you only need to register in this application.
4- After the registration process is complete, then you can enter the Primo account that was just created.
5- Finally, after choosing a phone number, please register to create a WhatsApp account by selecting the "Call as Verification" method.

Call as Verification is an account verification by incoming calls directly to your mobile.

When you receive an incoming call, listen carefully and note the verification code.

Then enter the verification code that you entered into the WhatsApp verification column.

This is a Safe Solution to Enter WhatsApp without a Verification Code

Many of us have difficulty logging into accounts. therefore the admin provides a small solution so that you can get into your account easily and quickly.

1- Always Back up WhatsApp Chat
2- a very easy way to access it is by going to Settings menu> Chat > Backup chat.
3- Save the Phone Number to the Google Account
The simple reason why you should store phone numbers in your Google account can restore your WhatsApp contacts on any device.
4- Contact WhatsApp Support Services

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