This Causes Android Phone Acting on its own Have you experienced when the screen of your Android or Smartphone acting on its own? You do not know what to do and what causes it. Maybe you will also feel worried that your phone is damaged. Android screen that experienced such an error was caused by incorrect use. What are the causes?

In everyday life there are some treatments that you might not realize can reduce the work performance of the Android HP itself. Even if it continues it can have fatal consequences which cause cellphones cannot be used anymore. Well, generally the cause of the HP screen to become an error like moving itself is as follows.

1. There is damage to the LCD

Damage to the LCD often occurs and this can be the reason why your HP screen can move on its own. For that, you can start to check the condition of your LCD screen. It could be that the damage occurred due to the sprinkling of water that seeps into the cell phone, causing the screen to move on its own.

2. RAM Working too much

When RAM is over-working what happens? One of them is that the Android screen may become error or run abnormally. So you need to make sure that your Android doesn't store a lot of heavy applications that will affect the system performance of the phone itself.

3. Hot screen conditions

Every mobile phone must have a capacity limit that ultimately makes the screen hot. Indeed all HP will issue heat, but if excessive the consequences can be fatal. Generally, the screen gets hot for various reasons.

4. Damage to the Charger

Furthermore, what could be the cause of the break cellphone screen itself is the damage to your charger. Not much is known that damage to the charger has a large influence on the performance of the Mobile. To find out the conditions try to check the state of your charger. 

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The description above is brief information that tells you what are the possible reasons for your HP Smartphone screen to move on its own. After knowing the cause, you will be assisted with solutions and the right treatment.

If it is severe enough, immediately take it to the nearest Android counter or service center in your area. With fast and proper handling of this problem can be overcome properly. it may be useful.

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