Tips to Make your Android battery last longer

A few years before, we all knew about the use of loose batteries for Android and smartphones. But now there is a change where when all the latest types of mobile phones have used planting batteries or non-removable batteries.  How tips to make your Android battery last longer?

Although electronic devices are now designed to be more sophisticated, the maintenance itself is easier and more practical. Well, for the method of maintenance of the battery plant itself will be explained in brief points below.

1. Using the original charger

Loose batteries and planting batteries to be able to stay durable and maintain quality do have to use the original type of charger. Because fake chargers that are now being sold in the market themselves tend to degrade the quality of battery performance.

2. Charger before reaching 20% battery capacity

Have you ever done an HP charger when the battery capacity has reached below 20%? Or even until it's completely gone? Well, this can make the batteries over time the quality decreases. Therefore, you should love your planting battery by charging it before reaching the battery capacity of 20%. This is good to be your habit.

3. Limit the use of power banks

The use of power banks is commonplace. Many people have used this sophisticated technology to make it easier for them to get battery backup. However, did you know? Using the power bank too often can make the battery plant not durable. Indeed the use of power banks may be provided as long as they are by their needs and limit them to urgent needs.

4. Avoid overcharging

Now as we know, all types of the phone have been designed in such a modern way. One of them is the ability of the phone to limit power or stop when the cellphone battery is in full condition. However, even so, we also know from the beginning of leaving the cell phone in the charger for a long time even though it is full will have a bad impact. Then, it is better to run a healthy treatment

the above description is information that is reviewed but that tells you how to care for the planting battery is good and right. Not difficult to do right? Not much different from the use of a loose battery, planting batteries do not need special care. Only with these simple tips and tricks, you can keep your phone battery durable and long-lasting. it may be useful.

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