5 Hanphone Nokia the most hunted ancient times in the world

Hanphone Nokia the most hunted ancient times

Welcome to our website, I want to share an interesting article that can make all my friends amazed and want to have this product, Nokia used to be the king of  HP in terms of quality and appearance.

However, due to losing competition and losing innovation, Finnish companies are fading, But, this Nokia apparently there are still many people who are targeting these old phones. Following are some of the best, best-looking Nokia phones.

1.  Who did not have a cell phone of this brand in its heyday? This best old school cellphone is the type of cellphone that is most sought after by the Indonesian people. Ever know even to have had a Nokia 1100, Nokia 3210, Nokia 1200, Nokia 6600, or Nokia 2600?

However, with the development of technology, this type of mobile phone has been consumed by time and it is too late to innovate and develop, so this cellphone is not published anymore.

But don't get me wrong, now many people are hunting down to collect this type of cellphone

2.   Maybe a friend recognizes this type of cellphone Still valued the top rank of the most hunted old school phones, the Nokia 1280 is priced at a very friendly price.

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3.   Nokia 1280 type is still sold for Rp150,000 - 200,000 in online stores. This phone has a design that fits in the hand and soft keys and battery life is very long. Therefore, even though this cellphone is old school, there are still many who hunt for battery power for days.

4.   Ericsson R310 Outdoor with large mobile models and antennas turned out to be the target of many people today.

because the shape is unique and comfortable in the palm of the hand therefore it is not surprising that this type of cell phone is much in demand.

5.   Long before the arrival of the Mobile Legend game, Nokia launched a special mobile game around 2005 - 2006, called Nokia N Gage. Mobile models like keyboars like this are worth hunting down by young people to play legendary mobile games.

Thus the article that discusses 5 Hanphone Nokia the most hunted ancient times  in the world may be useful

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