5 Best Android Games 2021 Full of Challenges

Best Android Games- Android is a storehouse of quality games. You can find almost all types of games on Android, from puzzle games to adventure games. These games present a very interesting and challenging game.

Best Android Games

The game methods it offers are also very diverse. If in the past we could only play games on cellphones, now we can play them with other players around the world.

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Yes, online games are now the most popular games on Android. This online game will connect us with millions of other players around the world. We can compare scores, compete one on one, or compete with many players at once in a game.

Well, this time KlikDor. com will review the list of the most popular Android online games in the world that you can try to play right now. These games offer a variety of gameplay and genres, ranging from strategy games.

1- Gamer Unite

Best Android Games

Maybe you are looking for the most exciting pokemon game and full of challenges, calm down the article you are reading is suitable for you to make the game mandatory.

Why, because this game is full of multiplayer version battles that you can get for free on many downloaded game provider sites.

2020 this year witnessed the emergence of pokemon games with Android GBA version that can be played at any time. 

This game can be played using android, iOS or Nintendo, it will be more fun while sipping coffee and cigarettes.

2- Game Naruto

Best Android Games

To be able to play the Naruto Mobile Fighter game, make sure your android has sufficient storage space because this game has a large enough size of 500MB and a maximum of 1GB along with the game, this game is also not an offline game but this game is an online game that requires you to turn on the internet while playing this game, but calm down, this game doesn't waste quota like the Clash Of Clans game which only requires a little data,

Okay, for those of you who are curious about the screenshot display or playing the Naruto Mobile Fighter game, you can see below, and at the same time download it via the link provided below.

3- Spider Rope Gangster 

Best Android Games

Armed with a net that is removed from his wrist and his martial arts skills become a great asset to defeat his always troublesome enemies.

Apart from the above, Spiderman is also able to seduce at a considerable distance using his net, and has super lightning speed to avoid enemy blows.

Spiderman is ready to become a hero who tirelessly eradicates evil that exists on this earth, the key to victory lies in his friend's expertise in applying the game stick.

How ready ??

Okay, for those of you who are curious about the screenshot display or playing the Naruto Mobile Fighter game, you can see below, and at the same time download it via the link provided below.

4- Game Free Fire

Best Android Games

It's not fun if we only discuss PUBG game without discussing the problem, what else if it's not Free Fire.

This game is not much different from PUBG, only the players can only play at the same time only up to 50 people. 

At first glance this is a war game that gathers up to 50 players on a vast map, where each player must kill each other and be the only person who can survive and come out as the winner.

In the E-Sports Award, this game came out as the best mobile game to beat its bebuyutan, PUBG, Call of Duty: Mobile, to Mobile Legends

5- Last Day on Earth 

Best Android Games

At the beginning of this game, you will immediately enter the game while getting some tutorials. The graphics and the game interface are described in sufficient detail and cleanly. The graphics provided are arguably the equivalent of the graphics in The Sims.

In this game you have to start everything from scratch. You will only wear pants that offer no protection.

Throughout the game, you will find objects that you can collect to become your tools for survival.

From all the games above, it can be seen how difficult it is for a Battle to fight for life with its brute tools, be able to win the fight or retreat to become a true loser.

So, those are the most popular kinds of Android online games that you can play today. These games are perfect for filling your spare time from boredom. From the list above, which game do you like the most?

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