Check Antivirus Hazards For Android

Check Antivirus Hazards For Android- Do friends have the same thoughts as me that antivirus can protect android phones? If the answer is yes, then my best friend and I should read this article until it is finished, so as not to regret it in the future.

Check Antivirus Hazards

When our android Phone is exposed to viruses, what is on our mind is to find and install the best antivirus so that the virus that attacks our android phone can disappear instantly, and can protect our data on android.

Did you know that our adroid phones can be protected from viruses without having to install antiviirus. so Friends doesn't need to install antivirus apps on Android.

friends already know that antivirus can not guarantee to protect our data from viruses, even the antivirus that we install it has no benefit, it can even be detrimental, why can be detrimental, yuk lanjurkan article below, so that friends do not surprised hehe..

Antivirus Danger List For Android:

1- When the friend finishes downloading and installing antivirus applications, the first problem that will be a natural friend on android is that our android device will be slower than usual.

Precisely this is a big problem for those of us who like to play games or again run an online business, can get grumpy later, because our mobile phones are good, but android devices run slowly.

2- The problem that both of our android devices will easily heat, because of the high CPU usage, this if doing antivirus installation, if only downloaded without installing does not matter.

3- Dambaan when we want to buy android hp is good quality, chasing good and most importantly long-lasting battery, Then what happens when we buy expensive android hp, without knowing the battery is very wasteful.

Previously Klikdor. com the problem 17 Ways to Take Care of Smartphone Components And Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite / CC 9 GCAM Collection.

Don't panic! Wasteful battery cause is usually the installation of antivus. so how, still want to install antivirus for android hp.

4- When antivirus installation is complete usually hp andorid will easily I collect unnecessary information, the cause is that your privacy will always be at risk.

Maybe friends are still worried between believe it or not, Well maybe by looking at how the software system works in android tman-friends can believe it. here's How the Android System Works What you need to know:


Antivirus. Launcher, Browser. Contact. Telephone

(Activity Manager, , Phone Manager, System Display, Location Manager

Dalvik Virtual Machine, Virtual Machine Art

Android Runtime, Open GL, WebKit, Media Framework, Socket Layer


Security, Memory Management, Process Management, Network Stacks, Driver Models

Maybe friends are confused, what is the function above this, fine explain above. All apps installed on android, such as antivirus and google maps will be in the top layer and under the application framework.

Linux-based distribution is safe from viruses, while android oprasinya system is linux based, so android will be safe because all applications will run IN sandblox and do not have a file system.

Well. after reading the article above there is no gunannya install antivirus on android, but must know some security things adnroid:

How Android Works Without Antivirus

  1. Never Install Apps From the Play Store
  2. Check permissions before downloading
  3.  Do not visit suspicious sites.
  4.  Save Updated Apps and OS

Well, after friends read the article above now no longer need to install antivirus on android, because it will arise viruses.

Android is the safest platform without installing antivirus, android devices will never infect Viruses or Malwares.

Thus the article Check Antivirus Dangers For Android hopefully can provide benefits.

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