17 Easy Ways to Take Care of Smartphone Components To Last

How to Take Care of a Smartphone- For some people nowadays, Smartphones become a very important item in their daily activities.

In addition to being a tool to communicate, Smartphones become an important need that must be maintained and maintained the security of our data.

How to Take Care of a Smartphone
How to Take Care of a Smartphone

But we always ignore the care of mobile phones and even we are gross about the use of smartphones. You must know how to take care of mobile phones to be used for years, although the development of mobile phones including fast movement, every month there must be the latest technology or the release of new hp in the market, but we need to take care of our smartphones to be durable, and if we are tired of using old phones, will increase and not lower the price too far from the old smartphones that we will sell because of the well-maintained appearance makes buyers will dare to pay the maximum price.

Here  Klikdor. com  will give some tips for you How to Take Care of Your Smartphone To Be Durable and Durable.

1- Give the case and screen protectors

Smartphones really have to be maintained, especially the body and screen. Spending a little money to buy a casing and screen protector doesn't seem to matter. After all now HP accessories have been very cheap.

If you provide protection on your body and screen, then your smartphone is not easily scratched and looks like new even though the use has been years.

2- Move your entire contact

The easiest way is to save your contacts on your SIM card. So when changing smartphones, just just go directly in and have saved directly. If you can't, you can use Cloud or Google Drive. Or if you want more manual, yes enter one by one. But surely you'll be more troubled.

3- Store in a safe place

Specify a safe place to store your smartphone when not in use. Make sure that the storage area will not make your smartphone fall or be trampled.

For example, you keep it on tables and bookshelves. It's even better if the storage area is near you used to charge your smartphone, so it's easy to find.

4- Instal Software

Instalah application according to your needs, do not let your mobile phone is full of applications that you do not need, because in addition to making full mobile phone storage, it is certain that your smartphone becomes slow.

5- Clean periodically

Continuously used of course the phone will be easily dirty. You have to clean it up hard. One simple way to clean your phone is to use alcohol wipes.

Make sure not to use water, wet wipes or other cleaners that will make the smartphone damp.

6- Avoid playing hp while being chargered

This is a bad habit of almost all smartphone users. They often play HP when they are in the charger. This will make the battery easily damaged and will eventually lead to damage to other hardware. It is better to wait a moment until the battery is full, then reuse it as usual.

7- Set up a Google or Apple account

Before you can download apps, you'll usually be asked first for your Google or Apple account. Activate this account immediately and if you don't already have one, create one immediately. Without this, your new smartphone will only be useful for calling and texting.

8- Attention battery condition

Make sure your smartphone battery is always dry. It is best not to call under raindrops, do not eat or drink near smartphones and avoid taking them near open water places such as beaches and toilets.

9- Camera

For those of you who like selfies, the camera on the phone is certainly a very important thing and must remain protected, back again as I discussed above, using the case cover will help protect especially the part of your camera, because if in and out of the pocket will not be immediately scratched because it is protected by your case.

10- Speakers

The speaker part is also often forgotten by us, never put the Smartphone on the TV, Radio and something that smells of other magnets.tips from me so that the speaker durable is not to tune music or video with a full speaker volume, a maximum of 90% so that the speakers are not easily damaged.

11- Back Up & Restore

We do not know if one day our mobile phone is damaged or sold while we forget to back up our data, Always do back up and restore data through your computer and if you do not have a laptop or computer upload me to the Cloud or online storage such as Google Drive so that your data and files can be stored safely and do not have to worry when you change mobile phones.

12- Start giving password

Even though it's new, your smartphone will still have a lot of personal data. To keep those data from being stolen by people, attach the code to your lock screen. Complicated but easy to remember to guarantee your comfort and access.

13- Set auto-update feature

It's important. By enabling this, your app will keep up to date with new developments. It's a good idea to set it to auto-update when using wi-fi only. Because if you don't, your data plan could be the victim of automatic updates.

14- Avoid putting hp on top of magnetic objects.

Without us knowing the habits that are done and can make your smartphone short-lived. Usually the cause is because it puts a smartphone on top of a TV, radio and something that smells of other magnets.

15- Keep keys or keyboard

The most important part of the most important smartphone dans often used is the keyboard. As is known, the buttons on smartphones have different functions and if continued to be used it will result in a decrease in the function on the smartphone button.

Previously we have posted articles related to Tips to Make your Android battery last longer  And also How to Restart Android without Power Button

Although there are now many HP touch screens, but some HP still include buttons, such as menu or home buttons and back buttons. 

16- Charger as needed

Do not charge your smartphone carelessly, you should do it periodically. The battery life of each smartphone is different, depending on its use.

There's no harm in saving money to make battery life last longer.

17- Use antivirus

Using antivirus is highly recommended to prevent viruses from entering smartphones through internet networks, files and bluetooth. Therefore, you should update your antivirus once every 3 days

Such is the article on How to Take Care of Smartphones To Be Durable Hopefully with this article friends all helped and smartphones are not easily damaged and comfortable in use

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