Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite / CC 9 GCAM Collection

On this occasion I will share an information about Google Camera or GCam again for users of Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite or CC 9 devices with codename Meitu. 

This device actually already has a very good camera quality using Mi Camera but much better chances of using GCam.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite / CC 9 GCAM

 Slightly different from the GCam on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro that I previously shared, this Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite / CC 9 device is already the default active camera 2 api on its system so that to install it you can install it like any other application in general.

Well my discussion this time is about the collection of GCam applications that support on this Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite / CC9 device.

GCam Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite / CC9

There are several types of GCam that I will share this time starting from GCam which is suitable for Stock ROM, Pixel 3 Mod and Pixel 4 Mod. Here is a complete explanation of the 3 types of GCam:

GCam for Stock ROM

  • Fu24

BSG 6.1 v2e + Arnova 6.1) | Download APK | Config

In the link you can choose the application that suits your device with a choice of Android 9, Android 10 and Dual Clone. For its features will not be different because the application is deliberately separated so as not to fc on one version.

  • OnFire

7.0 Lock Version | Download APK

It is the only GCam 7 that can run on devices that are still in Locked Bootloader condition. This camera does not support the presence of other additional camera applications and does not allow to use config (XML).

  • FeelCam

(Based on Arnova 6.2) (Android 9) (Android 10) (Config)

This camera is also quite good and this camera also does not support the presence of other additional cameras. To install Config you need to move the Config (XML) file to the GCam/Configs folder.

GCam Pixel 3 Mod

HyperCam Raizen

| Download APK | Config

This GCam application is GCam version 6.1 that has been updated periodically. There are already updates remodeled interface, New Lib Raizen and Fixed Manual Focus assisted by developers from GCam Fu24.

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If you have problems with the application please Clean App Data GCam HyperCam Raizen application. You can choose 2 versions of The App, Android 9 and Android 10, do not choose other versions such as OPZ or CFV.

GCam Pixel 4 Mod

  • PixelCam

| Download APK

  • For GCam on Pixel 4 Mod version that support on Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite / CC9 device is Also PixelCam. This GCam is a build version


as for the build update from Jairo Rossi this has reached


  • Changelog in this version there are several new lib DLIB, AWB Improvements, Minor fix in BlackLevel, Minor change so SD845 and Maximum Memory set 420 MB. If you are now using pixelcam GCam as well but on other versions, please uninstall it first before installing this version to avoid new problems.

That's the GCam set for Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite / CC9 devices with codename Meitu. All of these applications must have been tested in advance and produce photos with much better quality than using Stock Cam.

Hopefully this article is useful for all users of Xiaomi devices especially for users of Meitu devices.

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