How to Quickly Turn YouTube Look Black on PC And Android

Change the Look of YouTube- In this day and age, who doesn't like watching YouTube? You can watch all kinds of video content from A to Z for free, just need capital quota. However, the lightness of looking at the screen of a laptop or PC will certainly make the eyes tired quickly. The solution is to lower the brightness level of the screen.

As it turns out, this makes the writing and video content too dark to read. So, what is the solution? Yes of course Dark Mode. The term means "dark mode" and serves to change the majority of the screen display to black with a white font. As a result, the eyes do not glare but still can read the writing well.

Change the Look of YouTube

Luckily YouTube already has a built-in Dark Mode feature, unlike the one that requires users to add code or use extensions. Well, for those of you who don't know how, Klikdor will describe some steps that must be done to apply Dark Mode to YouTube on PC.

The Advantages of Dark Mode on YouTube

before continuing on the tutorial to make youTube view black, it's best to know first what are the benefits or uses that you will feel after Dark Mode is activated.

1. Save More Battery

If your phone screen is an OLED panel? If so, this means you'll save more battery when using Dark Mode on YouTube. Because the OLED display will not emit any light at all in pixels that show the true black color, and this will certainly help the device not to consume too much battery power.

Not only on OLED screens, but even those of you who use Dark Mode on your PC screen will still feel a little longer battery life than using regular bright mode.

2. Good for Health

Previously we explained that Dark Mode is more comfortable in the eyes. But the effect on the body does not stop in the eyes alone, you know! The Harvard Health Publishing website states that there is a link between night light lighting and the hormone melatonin in the body.

If you continue to see bright screens at night, you're more likely to find it difficult to sleep because melatonin levels are low. Not only that, exposure to light at night is also associated with an increased risk of diabetes as well as cancer.

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By enabling Dark Mode on the screen, it can reduce exposure to harmful blue light and will reduce adverse health impacts.

How to Turn YouTube Look Black on PC

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of using Dark Mode, do you still want to try doing it? Whatever your choice, we will still provide easy steps to enable the dark mode, as follows.

Ini merupakan langkah pertama yang cukup kentara  

1. Visit the YouTube Page

Change the Look of YouTube

This is a pretty obvious first step – you'll need to first visit your YouTube page on your PC, using any browser.

It doesn't matter if it's Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer at all. Anyway, all browsers that can be used to open YouTube comfortably still support Dark Mode on YouTube. Because, you will not use configurations that are only supported by certain browsers, so please use any browser.

2. Click the Three Dot Symbol or Profile Photo

Change the Look of YouTube

This step is actually optional, as you can still change your YouTube view to black without having to connect to your YouTube account. If you do not want to log in, then the dark theme menu can be displayed by clicking the three dots symbol next to the Sign In button.

 If you're already signed in to your YouTube account, you can bring up this menu by clicking your profile picture.

3. Change Appearance Menu from Light to Dark

Change the Look of YouTube

After you click the vertical three-dot symbol or profile picture, you'll see a menu lineup related to using YouTube. Locate and click on the Appearance: Light menu.

Well, then there will be three options consisting of Light Theme, Device Theme, and Dark Theme. Choose the Dark Theme menu and the YouTube view will automatically turn black. Finished! To restore it to its original, just do it again the same stage but this time change from Dark Theme to Light Theme.

The decision to use the Dark Theme on YouTube on PC is yours. If you find it more difficult to sleep, it may be due to the light emanating from the screen.

If you prefer youTube display on Dark Theme, it's okay to use it. But remember! If your eyes have difficulty reading in dark mode, immediately return them to light mode so that your health is not affected.

Thus the article about changing the look of youtube to blackhopefully with the presence of this article our eyes when looking at youtube videos do not hurt, sore or shortsighted

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